MOU’s / Partnerships

To assist in identifying and addressing emerging regional coastal and estuarine issues through research and project development the SCCG has formed partnerships with a range of research, government and non-government organisations.


To encourage the coordination of thorough research and study activities that assist the integration of science and policy the SCCG has entered into two Memorandums of Understanding with the University of New South Wales (Faculty of Science) and Macquarie University (Faculty of Science). Each Memorandum of Understanding aims to:

(1) To promote academic cooperation which enhances the integration of policy and science on issues relevant to coastal management.

(2) To encourage visits by staff between our institutions for the purpose of engaging in research.

(3) To foster the exchange of academic publications and scholarly information


Institute of Environmental Studies (UNSW) Partner Program

The SCCG and the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW established an Environmental Partnership Program in 2004. The partnership program includes a number of disciplinary and/or sector perspectives with the principal objective of advancing the management framework of sustainability.

Student research projects within the program involve a critical literature review that can be expanded to include the application of leading practice applied techniques and models. These projects are course electives in Environmental Research in the IES curriculum. Students thus undertake the research for credit. Project methodologies include applied social research, technical modelling and assessment, policy development and review, design of regulatory regimes, and/or evaluation processes.

All reports produced through the project can be downloaded from



Water Sensitive Urban Design in Sydney Project

The WSUD in Sydney Project was a cooperative project between the SCCG, Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust (UPRCT), Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC), NSW Stormwater Trust, and Sydney Water.

The project which is now facilitated by the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority aims to enhance the ability and willingness of Council staff to promote and implement sustainable water management practices in Councils operations and in development projects in Sydney Australia.

Outcomes / Outputs

The program delivers a range of information and resources through the following modules:

  • Monthly newsletter and website
  • Online Capacity Building Benchmarking Tool 
  • Capacity Building Workshops 
  • Capacity Building Training Program using revised modules licensed from South East Queensland’s Water by Design Program 
  • Sustainable Water Challenge – A workshop enabling project development and delivery via multi-disciplinary teams. A learning-by-doing exercise that creates communities of practice within and external to participating councils 
  • Cities as Water Supply Catchments – a 5 year national research program.



Urban Sustainability Program – Urban Sustainability Support Alliance (USSA)

The SCCG was a founding partner in the Urban Sustainability Support Alliance (USSA). The USSA project is coordinated by the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW and is funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, through its Urban Sustainability Program (USP).

Between 2008 and 2011 the USSA have:

  • Delivered training and professional development sessions;
  • Established and maintain communication networks;
  • Shared experiences and lessons learnt by councils in the journey towards sustainability;
  • Coordinated peer-to-peer learning programs; and
  • Developed tools and resources based on sound research and need.

Outcomes / Outputs

The USSA has produced a wide range of publications and resources for councils these include:


Sustainability Tool Selector: A Guide for Local Government
Barriers and Drivers to Sustainability in Local Government
Local Government Sustainability Professional Development Needs


A resource database
Council Case studies

A full range of the USSA’s publications and resources can be found at 




Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute

SCCG and the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute have formed a partnership to aid the dissemination of information and tools of geographic information systems amongst coastal managers. To date the partnership has resulted in the delivery of two highly successful forums:

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