Greater Sydney Harbour Regional Litter Prevention Strategy

The Sydney Coastal Councils Group (SCCG) and Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG) have been successful in securing a $90,000 grant from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in the Own It and Act: Round 6 Community Litter Grant funding stream. The grant will fund the development of a Regional Litter Prevention Strategy (RLPS) for the Greater Sydney Harbour catchment. It will include litter prevention activities taking place in the three pilot Councils of Parramatta City, Inner West and Willoughby with the goal of rolling it out to all the member Councils of each partner group.  

The project kicked off in February this year, with the employment of the strategy Coordinator and the creation of the project Steering Committee, comprising of representatives from the three pilot Councils, community members and industry. Progress to date includes meeting key stakeholders, visiting littering hot spot areas in some of the catchment areas, collating littering data and developing the pilot litter prevention activities in consultation with Council staff and community groups.  

A community perception survey around littering and littering behaviour is currently being developed and will be distributed in the coming months so look out for that. 

The project will finish with the RLPS completed in March 2022. 


Project Snapshot


The strategy aims to establish an agreed baseline and reduce litter to Greater Sydney Harbour including the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers by 50 per cent – equivalent to half the 2,150 cubic metres of marine debris collected by the Maritime Environmental Services in 2019 by the year 2025. 


The scope of the Regional Litter Prevention Strategy encompasses the Greater Sydney Harbour Catchment and associated waterways.  To download, click here. 

These conceptual models show the impacts of stormwater discharge into Greater Sydney Harbour under both wet and dry weather conditions. The models were developed by Sydney Water in partnership with the SCCG, PRCG and DPIE project team. 


  • To develop a regional litter prevention strategy 
  • To identify litter hot spots on pilot council areas 
  • To implement litter prevention activities in pilot council areas 

The RLPS will set targets for litter prevention over a five year period and reflect short term and long term targets. 

It will identify litter hot spots across the three pilot council areas and implement pilot litter prevention activities.  The outcomes of the work in the pilot councils will inform case studies in the RLPS. The strategy will be a proof of concept to be rolled out within SCCG and PRCG member councils and is intended to be further rolled out across the broader group of councils.