Sydney Regional Coastal Management Strategic / Implementation Program


The SRCMS provides an action-orientated management framework that is intended to guide coastal management and planning in the Sydney coastal region into the next century. The underlying focus of the strategy is the pursuit towards and achievement of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) of Sydney’s coastal zone.

The SRCMS recognises the fact that Sydney’s coastal zone is: continuously under intensive pressures from human activity; subject to a myriad of competing interests for its resources; and covered by numerous planning and management documents. It is managed by an assortment of State, Local and Commonwealth government authorities, industry, the community and a variety of non-government organisations. A single management strategy based on ESD provides an opportunity for all management and planning stakeholders to reconcile their competing interests and ensure an equitable, integrated and sustainable management approach. This will be achieved through the implementation of sustainable coastal planning and management practices that will ultimately protect and conserve terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the SRCMS is to protect and conserve terrestrial and marine ecosystems in the study area, and to manage the social and economic conditions to achieve this, through the implementation of identified, sustainable coastal planning and management practices.

Outcomes / Outputs

The associated Strategic Actions Program is intended to guide and priorities the management actions of the participating stakeholders. The implementation of the Strategic Actions Program is guided by the coastal management objectives and principles, with the underlying focus being the achievement of ecologically sustainable development.

The Strategic Actions Program focuses on the key themes that were identified throughout the community consultation and participation phases of the SRCMS’s development. These are:


Each coastal management themes has an outcome statement to guide implementation and to focus on the overall desired management outcome for each of the six themes. A list of key regional issues is also provided for each coastal management theme. These have been identified by the regional community and all stakeholders involved in the preparation of the strategy.

The six management themes are further divided into key areas and issues that require a management response; these have been provided with a measurable outcome statement. Each strategic action includes the name of the organisation(s) that is primarily responsible for its implementation. The organisation(s) in bold is the core organisation responsible for coordinating other primary and supporting organisations and reporting annually on implementation. Those organisations listed as supporting organisations are to be consulted and involved in the implementation. Organisations with a primary responsibility are to work with supporting organisations to ensure a cooperative and focused approach to the implementation of the strategy. The priority components of the program have been divided into three levels: essential, highly desirable and desirable. Strategic actions determined to be essential will be addressed and acted on within the first 12 months of implementation. Highly desirable within the first two years and desirable within the first five years of implementation.

An electronic copy of the Sydney Regional Coastal management Strategy can be accessed here.

Sydney Regional Coastal Management Strategy, 1998