Sydney Institute of Marine Science

The Sydney Institute of Marine Science and the Sydney Coastal Councils Group adopted a Memorandum of Understanding in October 2020.

The MOU will establish a framework for the parties to work collaboratively on activities that will assist in the achievement of both organisation’s vision and goals.

SCCG’s Council Members and SIMS have responsibilities that can be mutually beneficial for both organisations. Collaboration is desirable to assist with responding to current and future opportunities and threats of our coastal and estuarine environmetns.  Collaboration will also avoid duplication of efforts, promote efficient use of resources and regional integration of management.

Specifically, SIMS provides SCCG with an opportunity to strengthen its research capacities and ensure the latest research information informs Council Members planning and management decisions. SCCG provides an opportunity for SIMS staff to collaborate more closely with Council members, build their capacity, and rollout SIMS actively more efficiently and at a regional scale.

Click here to see the final MoU.