AdaptWater Tool

NCCARF have developed ‘AdaptWater’ an online climate change analysis tool.

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Community Recovery Toolkit

The Office of Emergency Management has developed a Community Recovery Toolkit to assist local councils and agencies involved in the provision of recovery services following a disaster.

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NSW Waterwatch

NSW Waterwatch has developed resources including manuals for land managers, high schools and community groups on monitoring estuary health and water quality.

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Floodplain Risk Management Guidelines

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage includes information and guidance on floodplain risk management. Click here for more information.

WSUD Guidelines Library

Stormwater NSW has compiled a Water Sensitive Urban Design Guidelines Library, made up of relevant WSUD guidelines and planning controls developed by local councils.

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Water Sensitive Cities Toolkit

The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities has developed a Water Sensitive Cities Toolkit.

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Raingarden Information

Melbourne Water provides general information as well as factsheets on constructing and maintaining rain gardens.

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Coastal Management Toolkit

The Coastal Management Toolkit accompanies the Coastal Management Manual and can provide resources to assist in developing/implementing a coastal management program.

To access the Coastal Management Toolkit click here.

Climate Change In Australia

Online climate change information and data resource provided by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

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AdaptNSW is a website resource developed by the Office of Environment and Heritage to provide information on climate change impacts and adaptation.

Go to the AdaptNSW website for more information.