Sydney Harbour Coastal Management Program

Sydney Harbour CMP Information Session

On 28 February 2019, Sydney Coastal Councils Group with support from the Office of Environment and Heritage(OEH), hosted a Sydney Harbour Coastal Management Program Information Session for relevant local councils and public authorities.

The Information Session was opened by the SCCG Executive Officer, Sarah Joyce, and comprised of two presentations (presentation slides linked below):

The Presentations were followed by a ‘where to from here’ session with attendees asked to identify barriers to the development of a Sydney Harbour CMP, the way forward in developing a CMP, and their willingness to collaborate on a Sydney Harbour CMP.

The Information Session concluded with a Q&A.

The Sydney Harbour Information Session Outcomes Report has been distributed to all attendees and can also be downloaded here.


Frequently Asked Questions relevant to the Sydney Harbour CMP

Frequently asked questions have been developed to provide background information and identify key questions likely to be raised and issues to be addressed.

Download the FAQ’s here.


Documents relevant to the Sydney Harbour CMP

Greater Sydney Harbour Estuary Coastal Management Program Scoping Study 2017 (stage 1) – click here

Sydney Harbour Estuary Processes Study Report – click here

Sydney Harbour Coastal Zone Management Plan Scoping Study 2015 – click here

Sydney Harbour Water Quality Improvement Plan – click here

Sydney Harbour Delft 3D Ecological Response Model – click here

Sydney Harbour Background Report 2014 – click here

Sydney Harbour: A Systematice Review of the Science 2014 – click here

Our Harbour Our Asset: SIMS Report – click here

Sydney Harbour its Diverse Biodiversity – click here


Sydney Harbour CMP Steering Committee

SCCG has invited key local/regional/state and federal government organisations to sit on the Sydney Harbour CMP Steering Committee to assist in guiding the governance arrangements, cost sharing and development of the grant for the Sydney Harbour CMP.

The Inaugural Steering Committee Meeting was held on 2 July 2019 and the second meeting held on 19 August.

A Partners Group consisting of local councils, state government agencies, other public authorities and stakeholders has also been established to assist the Steering Committee and ensure consultation and collaboration across all relevant parties involved in the management and use of Sydney Harbour. This group will meet on 26 September 2019.

The Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee and Partners Group can be viewed here. This is a working document so may be amended throughout the CMP development.

For more information contact SCCG.