MyCoast NSW Study

The MyCoast NSW Study was undertaken by UNSW in partnership with the Sydney Coastal Councils Group and NSW Surf Life Saving, and funded through the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

The MyCoast NSW Study explores what the New South Wales community understands about coastal erosion and coastal inundation, as well as the driving forces behind these hazards: sea level rise and severe coastal storms. In this context, it highlights community knowledge, perceptions, values and attitudes of NSW coastal communities in relation to ‘their coast’ and key themes related to associated management issues and strategies.

The purpose of the MyCoast NSW Study was to provide an evidence-based platform that will assist local governments and coastal management professionals in the future development of suitable and effective educational strategies and programs to help improve the ability of NSW coastal communities to adapt sustainably to the risk of coastal erosion and inundation.

Project resources including a final report, factsheets and a study guide for high school teachers are available at, or can be downloaded below:

MyCoast NSW Study Report;

MyCoast NSW Factsheet 1;

MyCoast NSW Factsheet 2;

MyCoast NSW Factsheet 3;

MyCoastNSW Factsheet 4;

MyCoast NSW Teachers Guide

Sydney Harbour Estuary Processes Study

The Sydney Harbour Estuary Processes Study was undertaken in partnership with Greater Sydney Local Land Service, Office of Environment and Heritage, Sydney Institute of Marine Science and City of Sydney Council. The study report published in June 2018 contributes to Stage 2 of the Greater Sydney Harbour Coastal Management Program (detailed studies of vulnerabilities and opportunities) to fill gaps in current knowledge about the coastal management issues affecting Sydney Harbour.

The Study report and associated appendices are available for download below:

Sydney Harbour Estuary Processes Study Report

Appendix A. Sydney Harbour Water Quality Improvement Plan;

Appendix B. Sydney Harbour Catchment Model;

Appendix C. Sydney Harbour Delft 3D Model Report;

Appendix D.1 A Systematic Review of Science 2014; Appendix D.2 Sydney Harbour Background;

Appendix D.3 Our Harbour Our Asset; Appendix E. Sydney Harbour its Diverse Biodiversity

The Effects of Beach Scraping on the Infauna of New Brighton Beach Northern NSW

The Report entitled ‘ The Effects of Beach Scraping on the Infauna of New Brighton Beach Northern NSW’, was prepared for Byron Shire Council in 2011 by Stephen D.A. Smith, Matthew A. Harrison and Jennifer Rowland, National Marine Science Centre, Southern Cross University.

SCCG – Beach Sand Nourishment Scoping Study

In 2010, AECOm was engaged by the Sydney Coastal Councils Group to prepare a Beach Sand Nourishment Scoping Study on ‘Maintaining Sydney’s Beach Amenity against Climate Change Sea Level rise.