Swarovski Waterschool Australia Flyer

Swarovski Waterschool Australia

Earthwatch Australia has become the delivery partner for the Swarovski Waterschool Australia program. This global program began in Austria in 2000, and now spans eight countries across six continents.

Swarovski Waterschool seeks to empower children and their communities around the world to become water ambassadors by providing tools and training that address their local water challenges.

Local delivery partner, Earthwatch Australia, are currently accepting applications from teachers at ALL schools in New South Wales to participate in the Swarovski Waterschool Australia program.

This program aligns with Reconciliation NSW objectives, the Australian Curriculum, and several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The 15 successful schools will receive teacher relief grants, travel grants, Indigenous and Environmental education, peer-teaching skills and experience, and three schools will set up on-ground environmental action projects. There will be opportunities to host events, share success stories with students around the globe, and gain access to the Swarovski Waterschool Global Curriculum to enhance classroom learning.

If your school is interested in becoming a Waterschool, click the link to apply before 31 March 2022.

For more information, contact Hannah: hgentle@earthwatch.org.au