North sydney Council

North Sydney LGA has an 18.6 km stretch of foreshore area and is bounded by the waters of Port Jackson in the south and the waters of Middle Harbour to the north east. These areas are of national significance as they make up a part of the amenity of Sydney Harbour. The foreshore is characterised by recreational areas, native bushland, pedestrian areas, waterfront industry and private property. The area contains several heritage items including navigation aids, wooden and stone wharves, shipyards and slipways, sea walls and baths.

The remnant bushland of North Sydney totals approximately 47 hectares and is generally restricted to the Sydney Harbour and Middle Harbour foreshores making these foreshore areas an integral component of the harbour foreshore scenery. The diversity of remnant native vegetation communities conserved in the communities’ bushland reserve system is significant ecologically and highly valued by the people of North Sydney. Of the twelve distinct vegetation communities present in bushland areas, three are listed as threatened at either the federal or state level. A further two are classified as regionally significant and the remaining seven communities are locally significant. Several threatened plant and animals’ species are also recorded in Council’s foreshore bushland reserves, further demonstrating the crucial need for ongoing investment in the management of this scarce resource.