Channel 7 recently featured the Smarter Cleaner Sydney Harbour

With technology provided through Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. This project will improve monitoring of litter in our waterways. It will combine data from cameras on drains and waterways plus sensors on stormwater assets, together with advanced data analytics.
Cameras had been installed on bridges over important drains and waterways. This will allow us to use smart analysis and artificial intelligence to spot litter in the water. The video software can tell the difference between a chip packet and a soda bottle. This is useful information for the Councils and groups that take care of our waterways.
Sensors will be installed on gross pollutant traps as part of the project. These sensors will tell local councils and government groups when the traps are full and need to be emptied. The sensor alerts will make sure we can clean these traps quickly, so they don’t overflow.

SCCG is using artificial intelligence to tackle rubbish in local waterways and improve the health of our waterways, for everyone to enjoy.

Channel 7 recently featured the Smarter Cleaner Sydney Harbour. Watch it here!