25 Years of Caring for Our Coast - SCCG 25 Year Anniversary

In 1989, Sydney coastal councils united with key government agencies including Sydney Water and the EPA to achieve one of Sydney’s greatest environmental achievements - the cleanup of sewage from our beaches. Now, 25 years later, thanks to the continued involvement of our Member Councils and ongoing collaboration with our partners, the Sydney Coastal Councils Group has evolved to become a leader in sustainable coastal management.

To celebrate this historic milestone we held a Conference and Gala Evening on 29 August 2014. The two events provided a unique opportunity to reflect upon the coast, unite Member Councils and key partners of the SCCG, both past and present, and promote engagement, dialogue, and visioning regarding future stewardship.

The Conference canvassed 25 years of ‘Caring for our Coast’ from a range of perspectives - professional and personal, government and non-government, scientific and community. We traced the key historical issues and events that have shaped coastal management in Sydney and steered the work of the SCCG and its Member Councils over the last 25 years. There was a range of guest speakers including coastal experts, Council staff and representatives from Sydney Water and the Department of Planning and Environment. Participants also had the opportunity to workshop future directions for the next 25 years, drawing upon experiences and lessons learned to date.

Download the Conference Outcomes Report here. 


Love the Coast

As part of our Anniversary celebrations we also commissioned curator and author, Ewen McDonald, to write a story capturing the history of the Group over its 25 years of operation. With artistic formatting and design from UTS design student Eva Kiss, the resulting publication, Love the Coast, provides a wonderful history of the Group and the social and political climate in which it was born and has since matured.

Click here to download the story. 


The SCCG would like to acknowledge Sydney Water as the principal sponsor of this event and a key strategic partner since the Group's establishment in 1989.


Sydney Water



We would also like to acknowledge the Department of Planning and Environment for their sponsorship of the event. 

Department of Planning & Environment

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