Tapping into local knowledge: better community engagement in coastal planning

Tapping into local knowledge

Sydney Coastal Councils Group and the NSW Branch of the Australian Coastal Society proudly presented the first in a series of professional development workshops for coastal managers. The workshop focused on community engagement in coastal planning and management, with the key aims to:

  • build the capacity of coastal managers to better engage with coastal communities 
  • share learning on community engagement theory and best practice from around NSW
  • share knowledge on how best to communicate what are often complex and challenging coastal risk issues.

This inaugural workshop formed part of the 22nd Annual NSW Coastal Conference and was held in Port Macquarie on Tuesday 12 November 2013 . 

A copy of the Forum Report is available here

A Summary of Key Messages on risk perception and engagement strategies is available here


Links to the presentations from the day are provided below. 

1. Risk Perception & Community Outrage (Dr Sheridan Coakes, Umwelt)

2. Nowhere to go but up: co-creating an adaptation response in Lake Macquarie (Dr Alice Howe, Lake Macquarie City Council)

3. Tapping into local knowledge: better community engagement in coastal planning (Tim MacDonald, Gosford City Council)

4. The Old Bar Experience (Richard Pamplin, Greater Taree City Council)

5. Workshop Slides (facilitated by Dr Sheridan Coakes, Umwelt)

6. Workshop Scenario (prepared by Umwelt)

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