SCCG & SSSI GIS Forum: Sydney's Integrated Spatial Future

The spatial event presented by the SCCG in collaboration with the Surveyors and Spatial Sciences institute (SSSI), held on 9 December 2009, provided a great opportunity to gain a snapshot of the Geographical Information System (GIS) use in the private sector and within local, state and national government areas.

The SCCG and SSSI were proud to offer the spatial event to add interest to this rapidly developing information industry. Participation and quality communication amongst spatial developers, interpreters and the decision makers was an integral part of addressing the issues and concerns coming from the use of spatial information by local government. The SSSI and the SCCG proposed that a forum bringing together key experts would be an efficient and effective means to convey knowledge regarding various spatial issues as well as identifying current and future opportunities for action.

The event consisted of presentations addressing five specially selected themes:

  • Setting the Scene
  • Risk and Hazard Assessment
  • Asset Management
  • Information Management
  • Decision Support and Communication

For more information please contact SCCG.

GIS Forum Final Report

GIS Forum Presentations

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