GIS in the Coastal Environment Forum

Following on from the very successful forum held at the end of 2009, the SSSI and SCCG hosted a one day forum on 9 November 2010 (the day prior to the opening of the NSW Coastal Conference) entitled "GIS in the Coastal Environment".

The aim of the day was to share information on the applications of GIS to various coastal zone management issues. Attendees saw demonstrations of best practice and innovation regarding GIS and learnt about the potential GIS has to solving coastal and environmental issues, such as analysing sea level rise, or using maps to present coastal issues to the public. The forum enabled attendees to identify relevant information and players from which they can build better networks and future partnerships.

The forum demonstrated the use of spatial technologies in assisting coastal zone management under the themes of:

  • Coastal Processes: The best practice and use of GIS to model sea level rise, coastal flooding, beach processes and more.
  • Land / social risk assessment: How GIS is used to represent and model land verse residential growth; and how GIS is being used to in risk assessment.
  • GIS to help communicate coastal issues: The disparity between media and community concern on sea level rise. How mapping and GIS is being used to present information to the public.
  • Carrying capacity: How the future land use conflicts are being modelled and presented.

For more information please contact SCCG.

GIS Forum Final Report

GIS Forum Presentations

The event partners were:

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