Diverse Depths: See Beneath the Shallows

The SCCG are pleased to announce that the Diverse Depths: See Beneath the Shallows Forum was delivered successfully.

Forum Report

Australia's marine waters are biodiverse notwithstanding their generally nutrient poor waters. However, climate change and expanding human populations are intensifying the pressures upon marine organisms.

Research and monitoring of our marine environment combined with education and good communication assists us understand the cause and effect of actual and expected changes and how we can better manage these assets.

This event fostered the sharing and transfer of knowledge of marine issues, particularly biodiversity, climate change effects, and management issues. A two-way exchange of information was encouraged among presenters and particpants to encourage collective learning.

Diverse Depths: Sea Beneath the Shallows was supported by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

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A Program containing an agenda, and presenter biographies and synopses is available here and the Final Report is available here. Presentations from the day are available below.

Diverse Depths: See Beneath the Shallows Forum Presentations

Part 1

Part 2

Key Address by Ms. Valerie Taylor OAM

Patron of the National Parks Association, Underwater Photographer and Videographer, Artist, Author, Scriptwriter, Conservationist, Model and Actress.

Establishment of Commonwealth Marine Reserves

Video Address to the SCCG by the Honorable Tony Burke MP

Federal Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. 

Prometheus Unbridled: The Implications of Climate Change for Marine Biodiversity 

Dr. Katherina Petrou, Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Technology Sydney

Fringe Dwellers: Life & Hard Time in the Intertidal Zone

Dr. Paul Adam, Visiting Fellow

University of New South Wales

Bang for Buck: the Challenge of Choosing Indicators of Anthropogenic Impacts in Estuaries

Dr. Katherine Dafforn, Research Associate

University of New South Wales and Sydney Institute of Marine Science 

Sydney Harbour: Its Diverse Biodiversity

Dr. Pat Hutchings, Senior Principal Research Scientist

Australian Musuem 

Algal Blooms: the Good, the Bad and the Downright Toxic!

Ms. Penelope Ajani, PhD Student and Consultant of Blooming Algae

Macquarie University and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Estuarine and Marine Monitoring and Management Around Sydney

Dr. Bob Creese, Acting Director of Fisheries Research

Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries

Coastal Geodiversity Under Threat

Dr. Peter Mitchell OAM, Director and Author

Groundtruth Consulting

Management of Assets and Protecting Marine Life: Finding the Balance

Ms Belinda Atkins, Manager of Environmental Services

Mosman Council

Underwater Sydney and the Seaview Survey

Mr. Robin Barham

Underwater Earth


Impacts of Climate Change on Australian Marine Life, CSIRO 2006

Stocking Up: Securing our Marine Economy, CPD 2011

Marine Climate Change Report Card 2012



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