SCCG Coastal Policy Recommendations for the 2013 Federal Election

Sydney Coastal Councils Group

Protection of the coastal environment and coastal communities requires policies and actions from all levels of Government. 

With dramatic increases in population, development and recreational pressures facing the Australian coastal zone there is an imperative to increase the National Government’s guidance, involvement and support on management on coastal management over the next four years. This is required to improve cross jurisdictional relations, partnerships with shared visions and priority actions for our coastline via an intergovernmental agreement and associated national coastal policy agenda.

The futility of continuing to approve development and allow redevelopment in hazard areas (without addressing the hazard) has been demonstrated through the devastating losses of infrastructure and private assets in recent floods in Queensland and Victoria.  Such planning failures must be rectified. We urgently require national leadership in a collaborative process across the country to effectively deal with the many opportunities and challenges the national coastal zone brings in the coming years and decades. In preparation for the 2013 Federal Election we resolved to request that political parties contesting the election outline their policy positions on the following six key coastal management requirements:

  • A National Coastal Council or Commission for Australia 
  • Implementing priority recommendations from the “Managing our Coastal Zone in a Changing Climate – The Time to Act is Now” report 
  • A consistent and coordinated approach to natural hazards management and climate change adaptation in the Australian coastal zone 
  • Funding for Local Government and community coastal program 
  • A National Coastal Information System for Australian 
  • Maintaining public ownership of and access to and along the coastal zone 
  • A National Marine Management Strategy 

Policy Positions Cover

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Responses were received from the following parties:

o    Australian Labor Party 
o    Liberal Party of Australia 
o    Australian Greens 

Please click on the image below for our Responses Report.

Responses report


Coastal Groups Join Forces for Election Campaign

Australia’s peak coastal groups have joined forces to campaign for a national coastal policy.

The Australian Coastal Advocacy Alliance has been formed by the Association of Bayside Municipalities (Victoria); Australian Coastal Society; Metropolitan Seaside Councils Committee (Adelaide); National Sea Change Taskforce; Queensland Regional NRM Groups Collective; Surf Life Saving Australia; Surfrider Foundation Australia and the Sydney Coastal Councils Group.

Australian Coastal Advocacy Alliance

There is growing concern among these coastal bodies that our political parties are not doing enough to safeguard the unique Australian coastal zone for the benefit of future generations.

Australians love the coast. It defines us as a nation. But we have ignored it for too long and done too little to minimise the impact of overdevelopment, coastal erosion rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events. 

More than 19.5 million people live in the Australian coastal zone and many of them are represented by groups in the new Alliance. This is about 86% of the nation’s total population and is increasing year by year, especially in fast-growing coastal areas outside the capital cities.

At the forthcoming Federal election we ask all Australians who live, work or play in coastal areas to vote for the coast by supporting candidates that care for our  unique coastal zone and are committed to safeguarding it for the future. We invite your readers to view our national coastal policy initiative at

What is needed is a collaborative national response to coastal planning and management involving all three levels of government,  but this will only happen with the Australian Government take the initiative and play a leadership role while supporting and funding sustainable management practices.

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