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To get your message across you need to communicate well.  This is an essential skill for Councils and government authorities, who, with their multiple and varied management responsibilities, are called upon to deliver important messages daily.  




The Art of Communication was an exciting and informative event held Thursday 1 August 2013 at Customs House. There was an agenda packed with experts, who generously shared their knowledge and expertise. This event utilised a participatory approach to share experiences and develop skills. Please click on the links below for the:


Final Report


The day was split into four sessions:

Session 1 Please Explain

Wendy Harmer and Clare Mann reviewed what communication is, the theory behind it and essential elements for effective delivery.

Session 2 Tools of the Trade

Focusing on the strategy behind effective communication, this session run by Anne Howard, explored why we use communication strategies and how they are structured. It touched on how to communicate to specific audiences and what are the appropriate media platforms to use.

Session 3 Information is Beautiful: Marketing your Message

Techniques to effectively communicate with the media and marketing your message were discussed by Matthew Moore and Galvin Scott-Davis. This session included a City of Sydney Council case study by Yvette Andrews, demonstrating successful methods of community engagement. 

Session 4 Communication Conundrums

This session demonstrated techniques to translate and package elaborate information, such as the effects of climate change, law reform and the methodology of citizen science. Liese Coulter focused on communicating science, Rob Stokes MP shared his expertise on the best way to communicate policy and law reform to the community and Neil Lazarow shared his knowledge on citizen science and some examples of how it's done.


Workshops embedded throughout the program demonstrated the application of lessons learnt in practice, facilitated the sharing of knowledge and built relationships between participants.

Available Art of Communication Presentations:

The one thing you must do to get your message heard

Ms. Clare Mann, Managing Director Communicate 31.

Hitting the mark: your audience and your message

Workshop: How to create and implement a communications strategy

Ms. Anne Howard, Director of Howard Partners.

The importance of design and digital innovation

Mr. Galvin Scott Davis, Entrepreneur, Designer, Published author and Director of Protein One

Communicating law and policy to the public

Dr. Rob Stokes PhD MP, Liberal Member for Pittwater, Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy

Too much information? Communicating for a purpose

Ms. Liese Coulter, PhD candidate, Griffith University.

Creating a dialogue with communities: the two-way conversation of citizen science

Dr. Neil Lazarow, Senior Research Scientist. Science into Society Group, CSIRO.

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