Amenity, Benefits and Costs - The ABC of Coastal Economics

Thursday, 28 November 2013

ABC of Coastal Economics

Have you ever wondered about the economic value of your local beach?

What would you do if the beach was no longer there?

How would it affect your local community?

On 28 November 2013 we brought together experts from around the country and as far afield as North Carolina, USA to share insights into their research on coastal economics. From planning and management, to climate change adaptation, recreation and tourism – the interface between economics and our coastal zone is truly diverse.

The Forum also provided the opportunity to showcase outcomes from two recent research projects that estimated the economic values associated with the desire to visit and live near the coast - the Sydney Beaches Valuation Project* and Beach and Surf Tourism and Recreation in Australia: Vulnerability and Adaptation.  

The Forum Report is available here


Links to the presentations from the day are provided below:

1. Video Welcome and International Perspective (Dr Linwood Pendleton)

2. Coastal Policy and Resource Management (Professor Nick Harvey)

3. Economic Tools for Coastal Decision Making (Dr Neil Lazarow)

4. The Sydney Beaches Valuation Project (Dr Dave Anning)*

5. Beach and Surf Tourism and Recreation in Australia: Vulnerability and Adaptation (Dr Mike Raybould)

6. Case Study Workshop: Using Beach Recreation Value Data (Dr Dave Anning & Dr Mike Raybould)


*An Overview & Summary of the Sydney Beaches Valuation Project is available here

SBVP Overview & Summary

SCCG & Bond University

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