Marine Management

The NSW marine environment is recognised for its outstanding natural beauty, unique and diverse marine biota and valuable resources. Due to its significant natural, cultural, social and economic values to residents and visitors the NSW marine environment must be managed in a coordinated and sustainable manner to ensure the ongoing conservation of marine biodiversity.

A unique mixing of coastal currents means that about 80% of the species of aquatic plants and wildlife found in the NSW marine environment are endemic to Australian waters. Due to this natural beauty the NSW Marine Environment is highly valued for both passive and active recreation as well as the social and economic benefits associated with national and international tourism and the fisheries industry.

The maintenance and enhancement of the NSW marine environment for present and future generations will only be achieved through a coordinated and well resourced management approach comprising the following:

  • Identification and protection of natural values;
  • Sustainable recreational use, tourism and visitor management;
  • Use and extraction of marine resources consistent with the principles of ESD;
  • Understanding and mitigating the impact of terrestrial land uses on the marine environment; and
  • Environmental Research and Monitoring combined with education campaigns.

To achieve this, the SCCG recommends the NSW Government commit to the development and implementation of a NSW Marine Management Strategy underpinned by local and regional management plans. Such a strategy should focus on identifying appropriate and permissible uses within zones of the NSW marine zone and be combined with monitoring and research, education programs and appropriate levels of funding for enforcement and compliance.

For more information please contact SCCG.

The SCCG partnered with Underwater Earth in 2010 to promote awareness of the incredible marine diversity around Sydney by creating the Underwater Sydney website. If you would like to see more and find out what kind of creatures live along our coastline, please visit the Underwater Sydney website.  

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