SCCG & Sydney Water Water Recycling Opportunities Forum

In March 2010 the SCCG and Sydney Water partnered to facilitate a forum for SCCG Member Councils and Sydney Water to discuss strategies and actions that facilitate water recycling and re-use projects in Sydney. The overarching intent of the forum was to enable representatives of SCCG Member Councils and Sydney Water to discuss and identify opportunities and share information as well as work more collaboratively on projects and capacity building activities.

The content and structure of the forum were prepared to facilitate information exchange, peer to peer learning and consultation through presentations, case studies and facilitated workshops on water recycling strategies and opportunities. This structure allowed for the exchange of information through presentations to be complement by workshops and interaction between Sydney Water Staff and SCCG Member Councils delegates facilitated through small group discussions. Specific recommendations coming from the forum were made in relation to the following action or issues:

  • The establishment of a joint SCCG / Sydney Water Working Group.
  • The Development of "Handbook" which provides all SCCG Member Councils with information on issues including processes for identifying, implementing and evaluation projects.
  • Ongoing collection and access to technical and project specific information.

The SCCG intends to work with Sydney Water on implementing the actions identified during the forum. This will ensure that the forum achieves its aim of improving collaboration and assisting with the identification and implementation of water recycling and re-use projects. As part of this the SCCG Sydney Water Working Group has been established.

For more information please contact SCCG.

Final Workshop Report & Forum Presentations

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