Climate Change and the Sydney Coastal Region Forum

As part of the Partnership Program between the SCCG and the Division of Environmental and Life Sciences (ELS) at Macquarie University, the SCCG convened a Climate Change Workshop entitled: “Climate Change and the Sydney Coastal Region” on Wednesday 20 July 2005.

The Workshop was open to all SCCG Member Councils, various invited State and Commonwealth agency representatives and staff from Macquarie University. Expert presentations provided an opportunity for delegates to gain a better understanding and awareness of this very important issue.


  • To provide jargon-free summaries:
    (i) of the key science of past and future climate change;
    (ii) of the likely frequency and intensity of hazardous climate events in the Sydney coastal region in the coming decades;
    (iii) to consider what the negative impacts of future climate change will be in our region; and
    (iv) to explore possible adaptation and mitigation strategies; and
  • To identify specific information, research and policy and planning needs of SCCG members and other relevant stakeholders.

The Workshop provided:

  • an introduction, outlining the importance of addressing climate change;
  • needs and actions associated with hazard, risk and vulnerability management and policy and planning identified during the workshop breakout group sessions;
  • Local Government needs for addressing climate change (identified through participant feedback forms);
  • possible useful future activities for the SCCG and Macquarie University Partnership program;
  • a discussion of the need for intergovernmental partnerships; and
  • a conclusion outlining future activities for SCCG and its member councils.

For more information please contact SCCG.

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