Economics, Management and the Coastal Zone Forum

Dollar signThe SCCG hosted the Economics, Management and Coastal Zone Forum on 24 February 2011. The aim of the Forum was to create awareness of the present and future costs involved with the sustainable management of the urban coastal environment.

In order for Councils, State Agencies, and other stakeholders to manage the natural environment sustainably and address the emerging impacts of climate change they require information on the costs and benefits of potential management responses. The desired outcome of the Forum was to stimulate new thinking and approaches of what is important and what is needed to ensure we have improved management and financial decision-making now and into the future.

The day starting by hearing from the highest level of financial decision-making of State and Local Government, moving to key researchers in applied economic based projects, then hearing about international and national re-insurance, and ending the day discussing critical needs and considering future issues in relation to economic assessment and management of our precious coastal zone.

For more information please contact SCCG.

Economic Forum Final Report

Economic Forum Presentations



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