Boundaries & Barriers: Managing the Intertidal Zone

SCCG Boundaries and Barriers AgendaThe SCCG are pleased to announce that the Boundaries and Barriers: Managing the Intertidal Zone forum held on the 14 August 2012 at Customs House, was a successful and informative event.

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This forum was facilitated as the subject of management in the intertidal zone is an ongoing issue and concern for many coastal and estuarine Councils. In lands above the Low Water Mark and below the High Water Mark, Councils contend with the myriad of management responsibilities, regulations, competing interests and user conflicts. These issues require ongoing attention to ensure effective, efficient and sustainable management.

Our Member Councils typically manage the use, access, safety and environmental matters in these areas and undertake numerous tasks such as:

  • managing access and tourism
  • regulating development
  • producing and implementing management plans
  • conserving environmental and cultural values
  • monitoring the use of marine park zones (intertidal protected areas, marine sanctuaries, aquatic reserves etc.)
  • managing risks
  • undertaking internal and community education and deliver outreach activities and programs
  • monitoring the safety of beach users and providing lifesaving services
  • the facilitation of events.

The SCCG forum made mention of the plethora of legislation that applies to this zone; the challenges present in roles of enforcement due to the lack of clarification of compliance roles;  strategies to improve Council relationships with communities and user groups and expectations of Council under fisheries legislation.

Informative Member Council case studies were also presented. They addressed competing user issues and conflicts and reviewed consultation processes, environmental campaigns, management of off-leash dog areas and the development of boat storage facilities.

The forum provided Workshops under the three themes of Enforcement, Building Partnerships Across Agencies and Education and Outreach to User Groups.

For the detailed program, click here.

Boundaries and Barriers Presentations


A Local Government Perspective

Ms Susan Hartley, Senior Assessment Officer; Performance and Compliance,

Division of Local Government.


Crown Land Management

Mr Stephen Fenn, Manager Stakeholder Relations; Crown Lands South,

Department of Primary Industries.


The Role of Enforcement: Challenges and Opportunities

Mr Carlos Da Rocha, Senior Ranger, Waverley Council.


Working and Engaging with Community Groups

Dr Judy Lambert AM, Director of Community Solutions and SCCG Honorary Member.


Fisheries Legislation and Management in the Intertidal Zone: Implications for Councils

Mr Christopher Clarke, Supervising Fisheries Officer; Sydney North;

Ms Carla Ganassin, Conservation Manager;

Dr Rodney James, Manager of Aquatic Protected Areas;

Fisheries, Department of Primary Industries.


Botany Bay: A Case Study

Gary Dunnett, Regional Manager of Metro North East and Acting Director of Metropolitan and Mountains Branch, National Parks and Wildlife Services




What Lies Beneath: Addressing Conflicts Arising from Spearfishing Activities in Waverley LGA

Ms Emily Scott, Divisional Manager, Environmental Services, Waverley Council.


Cabbage Tree Bay Community Engagement

Councillor Cathy Griffin, Manly Council.


Should Dogs be Allowed on Beaches?

Ms Liz Romer, Acting Manager Regulatory Compliance, Warringah Council.


Regulating Foreshore Boat Storage

Mr Paul Fraser, Team Leader of Open Space and Recreation Planning.

For the final report for this forum, please contact the SCCG.

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