Barriers to Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Seminar

The SCCG hosted this seminar, presented by Professor Jon Barnett and Research Fellow Elissa Waters from the University of Melbourne on 14 March 2013.

Barriers to Adaptation to Sea Level Rise


Increasingly there is recognition from researchers and policy makers that there are legal, institutional and cultural barriers to climate change adaptation that will need to be addressed if we are able to adapt efficiently and equitably.

However, there is a limited body of evidence and few examples of how barriers to adaptation to sea level rise emerge and are addressed in local contexts.

Prof. Jon Barnett of the University of Melbourne and his colleague Elissa Waters will lead a seminar on the results of their NCCARF project: Barriers to Adaptation to Sea Level Rise.

Prof. Barnett and Dr. Waters have interviewed over 100 people - coastal home owners, business owners and managers – across two shires in Mornington Peninsula Victoria, and Eurobodalla Shire New South Wales. The interviews have elicited people’s understanding of the risk of sea level rise, their preferences for adaptation options, and preferences for the distribution of responsibility for adaptation. The interviews lasted an hour on average, and provided a rich and useful body of evidence.


This seminar reported on their findings and also presented the results of their systematic analysis of the submissions to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation. There was an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the implications of the findings at the end of the presentation.

Barriers to Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Presentation

Professor Jon Barnett and Research Fellow Elissa Waters, University of Melbourne.

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